A Brighter Day Foundation, Inc.
A Brighter Day Foundation was founded in 2010 by Rahman Mohammed, who was once incarcerated as well as homeless. Upon reentering society his main focus was to help those who are less fortunate, and most importantly, if things in life come easy their not worth while. Although when one does endure hardships, it is a brighter day!
Today's economy makes everyday life activities extremely challenging for people in our communities that are living in poverty. Every day individuals and families with low-incomes struggle to overcome the challenges of inadequate job skills, housing, health care, and the lack of knowledge and support to change their lives.
A Brighter Day Foundation, Inc. is there for these  individuals and families. We offer them the tools, resources and support they need to not just survive poverty but to overcome it.

Policy & Research Initiative

The Department of Correctoins is providing reentry transition services to offenders through partnerships with local jail in their community to receive transitioning services. These services will strengthen public saftey by better preparing the offenders for their return to the community.
Institutions in a number of cities have successfully built data systems detailing numerous indicators of community well-being that have served to engage their community in local policy making and community development.  Applying this model to the issue of prisoner reentry, Brighter Day Foundation, Inc has established the distance approach to prisoner reentry.  The goal of BDF is fourfold:

1. To develop a better understanding of dynamics and correlates of prisoner reentry at the local level;
2. To engage local stakeholders and practitioners in developing strategies to address reentry- related challenges.
3. To facilitate a greater coordination and collaboration among state and local agencies and organizations around this work; and
4. To promote peer learning on how communties can use data to identify and address incarceration and reentry-related challenges.
Understanding The Problem

" Brighter Day " is what most adult and juvenile offenders in training schools or prison facilities focus on from the time they enter until the day they leave. However, few of these offenders, many of whom have committed some type of crime have a home to which they can go, and many will not stay home because they reoffend and return to prison at alarming rates. Fewer than half of all released offenders stay out of trouble for at  least 3 years after their release from prison, and many of these offenders commit serious and/or violent offences while under parole supervison.
"There is hope in the future: the future is now"
-ARRahman Mohammed‚Äč
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The Mission of Prisoner Reentry is to significantly reduce crime and enhance public safety by implementing a seamless system of services for offenders from the time of their entry to prison through their transition, community reintegration and aftercare in their communities.

The Vision of Prisoner Reentry is to reduce crime by implementing a seamless plan of services and supervision developed with each offender, delivered through state and local collaboration, from the time of their entry to prison through their transition, reintegration and aftercare in the community.